Have you ever been so tired you couldn’t think?

Late in the afternoon on Friday I received a phone call from Grumpy suggesting we go out to dinner that evening.  We did not have our “date” night this last week because we have been so busy. In order to do all I needed to do I had been going to bed late and getting up early – making for a very tired HoneyB by the end of the week.  While the thought of going out didn’t appeal, I just wanted to go home and do nothing, the thought of not cooking did.

When I arrived home we still couldn’t decide whether to go or not and we ended up not going out after all.  In order to go out anywhere to eat, we have to drive too far in my opinion.  So, I ended up making our dinner at home after all. 

I am really glad we did.  Fortunately my tiredness did not effect my making of dinner.  All afternoon at work I had been so tired that I couldn’t make sense of anyone or anything very quickly.  Even a good dose of caffeine didn’t make me any more alert.  I really frustrating Grumpy when he called me because I kept thinking he wanted to go to Watertown for dinner (which is an hour away and I really wasn’t crazy about that!) when he was suggesting Potsdam which is closer (still not close enough for me to want to go back there after I got home).  I don’t know how many times he had to tell me that before he got it through to me that was what he wanted.  LOL.  Poor Grumpy.  I’m certain I was really frustrating him!  It will teach him to talk about his family and going out to dinner in the same sentence (they live in Watertown!). 

I was on a search for a pasta dish and the “Asian” flair about it caught my attention.  The peanut butter, garlic, lime and cilantro in the ingredients had me drooling along with the photo.  The recipe is over at Stephen Cooks and it is called Thai-Style Shrimp Pasta with Tomato-Lime-Peanut Sauce.  It is a definite keeper so go ahead and check it out!

On a side note, I added about a tablespoon (maybe a little more) of light brown sugar to the sauce and I used Sambal Oelek Fresh Ground Chili Paste for the heat.  The recipe did not call for sugar but for my taste I needed a sweeter heat.  The peanut butter just did not add enough for me.  I didn’t measure the chili paste but that is really added to taste anyway (as my post about the Kung Pao Tofu testifies!  *big grin!*)


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    I totally can relate about being so tired you can't think. And Fridays are the worst for me. The whole week just catches up to you. Great meal for someone who was too tired to think!

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