The juiciest burger I ever made

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Sunday I had ground venison thawing and was looking for burger recipes.  Something different and something that would kill that “wild taste” in a burger.  I have never been able to eat ground venison straight up as a burger.  Not without putting a lot of other stuff in it with the hopes of killing that “wild” taste.  I asked on Facebook and got a lot of great ideas – but then I came across this recipe from White on Rice Couple.  I knew right then I was going to use their recipe that night!

Diane’s parents created this recipe as a way to give their children the hamburger they were always begging for.  The secret ingredient?  Fish Sauce.  I have some experience with this now since I have been making several Chinese food recipes and I knew I was going to try what Diane and Todd have labeled “magic meat” and the Best Umami Hamburger.  This is the juiciest burger I have ever made not to mention tasty.  I topped mine with swiss cheese and mushrooms sauteed in fresh minced garlic and soy sauce (YUM).  Don’t let the stinkiness of fish sauce turn you away.  I am finding the more I cook with it that it really does enhance flavor.  Todd and Diane have a great post about this burger – and of course the recipe is there, so you should head on over!  
P.S.  Grumpy & his dad had 2 burgers each!  Grumpy said to me it was almost too juicy (bah humbug) but his daddy said he’d rather have a juicy burger than a dry one!  Thanks White on Rice Couple – for letting me know yet another use for my fish sauce!  :o)


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    I am still a fish sauce skeptic because the flavor is so strong but I keep getting surprised whenever I use this wonderful ingredient. Thank you for sharing the link to the burger recipe. I printed it out and now want to give it a try too!~ Shandy

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    Fish sauce is great! Some smell a lot worse than others (ie. the grayish, murky ones), but other than that, you can get past the scent if you try. It does had a certain je ne sais quoi to a bunch of dishes…even burgers!

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    I have never used fish sauce. I wouldn't have thought to use it this way but I'm up for just about anything. I LOVE mushroom burgers! They are at the top of my burger list! 😛

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    Burger season is starting – and these have my mouth watering ig time! Too juicy? I'll refrain from making remarks on that statement…..

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