Experimenting and the winner of Cascadian Farms Giveaway

This is my brownie I am experimenting with.  I am just in the beginning stages…still has some work but its a good concept! 

I need to make it a few more times I think before I have it the way I want it.  It needs something else…and I have an idea…I just need to try it!  ;o)  Keep your eyes open for this one, it is already yummy….but will be even yummier soon!

Now for the giveaway winner….
I need to apologize for not naming the Cascadian Farms Giveaway winner before today.  We have a lot of things going on here and because I have a large list of subscribers to my newsletter (who were automatically entered into this giveaway) it took me some time to get the list printed out, cut out and name pulled!  In any case, the winner of this giveaway is Tess C.!  I will be contacting you soon for your info so MyBlogSpark and Cascadian Farms can send you your prize pack.  Congrats!


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    Whoa that brownie looks delicious. If you need any taste-testers…I think I may know one 23-year-old female who would be willing to volunteer.

    Congrats to Tess!

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    Having an experiment with brownies is just a good excuse so you can keep eating them 😉 Those look amazing! Can't wait to see the final result.

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    The brownie looks so good, I liked how the topping seems to be loaded with a lot of goodies! Im sure it is moist but then a little crunchy from the topping. Yum! I love brownies and just got a new pan to make them in. I need to get on it!

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