Kissed in my sleep

For some reason this week I have been so tired.  I shouldn’t have been since I had just finished vacation, but I was.  Several nights this last week I was in bed by 8 at the latest.  I went up with the excuse I was going to watch TV because I didn’t want to watch what Grumpy was watching.  Last night I headed upstairs and was promptly followed by little Rudy Rut-ton.  He saw me head upstairs and he raced right ahead of me and was on the bed already like he had been there all along!  I had turned the TV on and sat on the bed with my Cooking Light magazine and little Rudy Rut-ton when a few short minutes later Grumpy walks in with his laptop.   Aww, Grumpy wanted to be near me.  lol.

I fell asleep shortly after 9 PM leaving Grumpy with the TV and laptop to himself.  Some short time later I felt something touch me and I heard this sound like a smooch..  I had been kissed!  Well, there was only one person in the house who could kiss me and that was Grumpy!  Now if I weren’t getting old and tired, I might not have rolled over and continued to sleep.  lol.  But I am old and tired!  In any case I thought about his gesture when I woke up this morning.  That was a side of Grumpy that a person doesn’t normally see.  His soft side.  One he wants us to think doesn’t exist.  Well, I got ya now Grumpy.  I knew you were capable of some gush!

So, in a nice gesture to him this morning (and feeling somewhat guilty because I just continued to sleep after he kissed me and didn’t kiss him back) I made these mini baked donut muffins.  This recipe has been all the rage on recently and I decided I had to find out if they were all “that”.  Well, I must say, they are all “that”.  These were the most perfect little bites I had eaten in a long while.  The coolest thing about them?  No eggs.  Just butter sugar, milk, nutmeg, flour, baking powder, more butter and some cinnamon sugar.  It helps to have a mini muffin pan too.  :)  An amazing recipe – and you should try it out!  Find the Mini Baked Donut Muffin Recipe on


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    oh yes we love these little gems and your right they are a rage everywhere! and rightfully so….you should skip the kiss more often because we reap the benefits of wonderful foods from your guilt nice job Shelby!

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    I was looking for muffin recipes last week for a family reunion, and I ran across this recipe. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then. And now that you say they are good, I really need to make them!!

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    Gosh darn it, I thought I was going to read something steamy! (I even popped popcorn before clicking on this post…LOL)

    Grumpy… if you read your woman's blog, you know how much she loves you.

    You two are so sweet!

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    Are you sure it wasn't little Rudy Rut-ton that kissed you in your sleep:D Not that we don't see right through Grumpy's tough exterior, just don't tell him we said so.

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    Aww! what a sweetie! My husband and I have been together a LOOOOOONG time LOL and that kind of stuff can be forgotten as the years go by. We've been trying to be more aware of those little gestures that mean so much :)

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    How cute! That's sounds like something Hurley would do too hehehe These donuts are such a wonderful treat, Grumpy is a lucky guy to be eating these!

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    That is a very sweet story and I love you donut muffins as well. I've spent some time going through your earlier posts and really love your recipes. I have to get back here more often. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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    Awwwwww….. I want a Grumpy too!!! πŸ˜‰

    These look very tempting, might have to make them: lucky for me I own two mini muffin pans!! Are they similar to the Cinnamon Sugar Donut Mufffins?

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