Pucker up and kiss me

Well, I can tell you that Grumpy won’t be puckering up no matter what because he would not eat these!  He is not a big lemon fan.  Thankfully my brother liked them.  My SIL didn’t mind the lemon filling but she’s not a big coconut fan.  My mother?  Well she will eat anything sweet.  I have actually been known to call my father to let him know my mother was bringing home a treat for him because I didn’t trust her to not eat it!  ha ha. Seriously!!  This is a Cooking Light Recipe I found in my Five Star Recipes cookbook.  It is actually on the cover – one of the things that attracted my attention to the book!

These weren’t too hard but somewhat time consuming.  I’m not entirely happy with the tart shell – was too thick and floury for me.  I probably would change the recipe up some if I were to make it again.  However, none of them were thrown away and the filling was awesome.  Probably just a matter of too much crust for me.  My next attempt will be lime – I think lime goes much better with coconut.  Don’t you?  :)

Lemon Macaroon Tartlets and Macaroon Tart Shells are on myrecipes.com.


  1. says

    I'll do the puckering up, but I'm going to leave the kissing to Grumpy.

    I'd have to eat these all by myself because my family is anti-lemon and anti-coconut.

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    Can I have Grumpy's share? I love lemon (citrus) desserts. That's cute that you call your Dad so he knows something scrumpdiliumptious is comin' his way.

    Happy Friday, HoneyB!

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