What are you doing for July 4?

Last year for July 4th we went to Cranberry Lake and spent the day with my parents, my mom’s sisters and their families.  It was cold, damp and so not like the 4th of July.  However, we had lots of good food and family to spend the time with.  That is what makes the holiday seem the best!

This year, I am not really sure what we are doing.  I do know that whatever we do, I hope to spend some time with family.  Even if it is here at home having our own BBQ.  I’ve been thinking about what to make but am coming up kind of blank.  I would like to make something different from what I have made before and am hoping you can help!?  I would love for you to leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite 4th of July meal/treat would be and if you have a link to the recipe, feel free to leave that too!

I will leave you with links to some recipes I have made in the past that I feel appropriate for the July 4th holiday. 


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    In Canada we do not celbrate the 4th, but it is a Sunday and the weekend..yay…so I hope to be sitting at my beach with my latest read. Love your red, white and blue dishes:D

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    Claudia, of the desserts – if I were to make one myself this year, I would make the Red, White & Blueberry Pie. It is a really awesome dessert. Grumpy LOVES it. :)

    Oh, I probably will make potato salad no matter what this week. We have been kind of craving it!

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    Well, my oldest was invited to race (Jr. Sprints) at the HUGE SD Fair here the 3 & 4th and they also race the 2nd too! So it's a full weekend of racing. Hmm, not sure if I'll have time to make anything? Maybe we'll eat fair food? lol

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    I wish I could say I am doing something cool, but I know it will be fun and entertaining! Hanging out on the Las Vegas Strip the whole weekend with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends.

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    What a perfect lineup of recipes with the 4th of July written all over them! Do you have room for one more? Corn on the cob. I always associate it with our country's mid-Summer birthday and our usual family BBQ on the day.

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    We are probably just going to BBQ at home and Anya and I are going to make a watermelon cake that I saw in Women's Day magazine. :) Hope you have a good 4th!

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    Thank you for these – any one (or all!) of them would be great for the 4th. Ours will be low-key with just my sister-in-law coming over. But the grill should get a lot of traction this weekend!

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    Beautiful! all of it! We do the usual but I do a fun thing for dessert, I make an ice cream bar with various toppings and people make their own sundae!

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    Great lineup! I figure I'll be making potato salad for sure, and I'd be unAmerican if I didn't eat a hot dog or two on the 4th of July, wouldn't I?

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    Shelby, everything looks so good, I'm drooling. I'm way behind in Stumbles but I'm trying to get caught up! Hope your having a great Summer!

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