White Castle-Like Sliders, found in NNY….as long as your at HoneyB’s!

Sliders are my favorite way to eat a burger of any type.  The size is just perfect for me – and it is perfect for when your watching what you eat also!  It is easy to eat one s.l.o.w.l.y.  and be satisfied.  At least for me it is.  :o)  Now, I have to tell you that I have never had a White Castle burger of any kind.  The place doesn’t exist in New York State – that I know of.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I must say, it was pretty darn good!

I saw this recipe on Robin Sue’s blog Big Red Kitchen last year when she made them (Thanks Robin Sue!!).  Don’t ask me why or how it took me so long to finally make them myself.  I know it won’t be the last time!  I think these would be fun to serve at a small party and I also think they would travel well – and that they would warm in the oven wrapped in foil well too!

This is really quick to throw together.  I took Robin Sue’s recipe and cut it in half – since it is just Grumpy & me we didn’t need 12 sliders!  I also used red onion flakes (made by Litehouse and oh so good!) and Morton’s Nature’s Seasoning Blend instead of seasoned salt (less sodium)

White Castle-Like Burgers
adapted from Big Red Kitchen

If you make this as a half recipe it is likely it will serve 2 – 3 people.  Grumpy had two and I had one so there are leftovers.  I will see how they are warmed up when I take one to lunch tomorrow.  :)  I served these with Savory Grilled Potatoes from allrecipes.com.  Another definite keeper!

1/4 cup dehydrated red onion flakes
1 lb 80/20 ground beef
Morton’s Nature’s Seasons, seasoning blend OR seasoned salt
6 dinner rolls

Sprinkle dehydrated onion flakes in bottom of 9×9 (or 8×8) baking dish.  Crumble raw beef over top of the onions evenly.  Pat in dish making one giant burger.  Sprinkle lightly with seasoning.

Bake in 400 degree oven 15-20 minutes (it took mine only 15).  Remove from oven, carefully drain the burger juice from pan and then pat the top of burger with a paper towel to absorb fat that has accumulated on top.  Place 4 cheese slices on top of meat.  Place back in oven and cook 2-3 minutes more or until cheese begins to melt.

Cut burger into 6 even pieces.  Serve on dinner roll (was the perfect size for this!) with dill pickles, mustard, mayo and/or ketchup, if desired.  I see that Robin Sue served them with dill pickle slices and a side of ketchup.  Maybe that is the White Castle way of serving them – and I’m sure good – but I gotta have all my condiments!  :) Enjoy!


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    lol, did I mention that I made these the other week on FB?? I forget. Anyways, these did not go over as well as I thought they would in my house *sigh*, besides these were some of the photos I accidentally deleted. Yours look great though!

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    People of a "certain age" (ahem!) will remember White Castle restaurants and their addictive little burgers well. I haven't seen one in ages where I live, though. Thanks for bringing back fond memories and the taste, a la HoneyB, of the real thing!

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    I love me some sliders-I worked in Massapequa, Long Island back in the early 80's and there was a White Castle there-you'd literally pick up a bag of burgers-great late night snack. I'm surprised the big chains haven't tried marketing them. Great pics- got me drollin' again!

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    Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that there ARE White Castle locations in New York…well, in the City anyway. I'm not sure about your area, but you can always search their web site. They really are delicious burgers and I absolutely recommend you try them at least once if you have the opportunity :-) Here's the results I got when I just searched "New York" http://www.whitecastle.com/locations?origin=new+york

  5. Anonymous says

    hi, it's kristina. I wanted to let you know that there are white castles all over long island. we go every time we go down. justin and i prefer the chicken rings though; they also have really yummy fries and chocolate milkshakes!

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    They do look great, HoneyB–I've had that recipe saved for a long time; thanks for the reminder to make them because Hubby loves White Castle–we buy them at Sam's.

    I looked up Lighthouse but didn't find a website for them–I would love to order some of those red onion flakes!

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    I've seen White Castle in Chicago when I've visited but have never stopped to eat there. Your burgers look fantastic and I just have to try this method of making them. A small burger is perfect for me too.

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    Aggie has these on her site right now. Somehow I missed them on yours. I will be making these this holiday weekend. I think they will be a huge hit.

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    Just read your blog about White Castle not being in NYS. I live on Long Island and we have four that I know of and plenty of them in Queens. Thanks for the recipe.

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    Hello I – When I wrote this blog post I was living in Northern NY which is a good 8 hours from the city. I now live in Albany area and I still don't know of a White Castle here. NYC Seems to be a place of it's own! :)

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