July 13, 2010

Grumpy & I had Sex on the Beach

**disclaimer:  No, I am not a lush.  I just enjoy a good boozy drink once in a while.  Ok, well, more than once in a while....but it doesn't make me a lush.  Does it?  ;)

No, not the real thing.....do you really think I would tell you about that?  lol  But I really have to say that I do enjoy a good glass (or 2, maybe 3) of Sex on the Beach whenever I can!  I also have to agree with one of my fans (Erin - you are so funny) that the drink is way better than the act.  Really, who wants all that gritty sand covering them?  (is Donna jumping up and down somewhere in bloggy land raising her hand high?  lol)  If you ask me, that is way too distracting.  ;o)

It's no wonder I love this drink.  To say I love peaches is an understatement.  Getting a good peach however, now that is not an easy thing to always do.  However, with this drink, the only "peach" you need here is the peach schnapps and that stuff my friends is never bad.  Trust me!

Grumpy wasn't so sure he wanted this drink.  He had his heart set on a Peach Mojito, but alas, the only  grocery store we have in town did not have any mint.  So, Grumpy had to settle for some Sex on the Beach.  Once he had one, he was ready for another!  The drink is slightly sweet, not sickly sweet.  They also go down pretty darn easy, so be careful consuming these!

So, grab your significant other and make yourselves a few of these babies.  Maybe by the time your done, you won't care if your covered in sand!

Sex on the Beach
recipe courtesy of allrecipes.com
cherries and orange slices compliments of me- cause what is sex on the beach without a cherry and the orange just helps decorate  ;)

3 ounces orange juice (I buy Simply Orange pulp free)
3 ounces cranberry juice cocktail
1 ounce vodka (we use Sky Vodka)
1 ounce peach schnapps
glass with crushed ice

Mix, stir, pour, enjoy!


  1. It has been a while since I had a Sex on the Beach" Shelby. LOL

  2. wow I give you alot of credit having sex on the beach,,,and I love this rendition without sand! now as for being a lush, if you would like to start a non lush club for drinkers I'm in!

  3. How cute are you!

    Grittiness adds friction, enough said without further elaboration.

    I aim to make these this weekend, I'll let you know how they go.

    And how on earth didja know I was raising my hand?

  4. It looks pretty sexy, sitting there naked in the glass.

  5. thanks for the clarification that this was the DRINK. I was thinking...jeez, after that Grumpy is still Grumpy?? What's up with that????

  6. That is one very pretty drink, Shelby-and I'm imagining a darned tasty one too. Perfect on a warm summer day....like today. Thank you, Shelby. :)

  7. Wow I actually laugh out loud when reading this blog then laughed harder reading the comments. Thank you for a good morning laughs.

    Could adjust the instructions to say ... Mix, stir, pour enjoy...Then Mix, stir, pour, enjoy... then Mix, stir, pour, enjoy again... :)

  8. You little hussy LMAO!! I love these drinks, so yummy, I'm jealous!

  9. Nice... I haven't had one of these for a long, long time. It looks great.

  10. The hubby and I have two drinks everyday. It sounds old fashioned but I greet him at the door with some sort of cocktail. We eat french style, though it is only a three to 4 ounce drink. We eat our meal with red wine every night and that too is just a small glass. We are happy parents of six kids so "sex on the beach" is not new to us. lol I love this drink. :)

  11. You stinker you! I had a hand over one eye when I clicked on the post because, well, ya know, I didn't know what to expect! LMAO!

    Great looking drink!

  12. The great thing about "Sex on the Beach" like this is you don't get sand in your bathing suit.

  13. That really looks delicious! I think I need to buy some peach schnapps. =)

  14. LOL - I love yours and Donna's comment. The first thing I thought when I saw your title was this post should be on Donna's blog.

  15. LOL, OK, yeah, I have to admit, this was fun. Even Grumpy wanted to hear the comments. I have to say though that Mags, you crack me up and Donna and Amanda, I love you for calling me a hussy! lmao

  16. Another peach yummy! A little zing with your juice is a bad thing? NOPE, sand is tho......... Love peaches too and this would satisfy me...nuff said LOL

  17. You just reminded me that I haven't had one of these in years. After drinking a little too much peach schnapps once, I have stayed away from it. But I think it's time to go back. You make the drink look so pretty too.


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