What are you drinking?

For breakfast that is….

at least today that is what I am thinking about!  I have been spending a lot of time on allrecipes.com lately.  Trying to find recipes to fit ingredients (or close to fitting ingredients) that I already have on hand.  Lately a lot of people have been making beverages – smoothies, for instance, check out CC’s profile.  Oh my goodness.  Her photos look amazing and her drinks?  Well, she is the whole reason I have been looking at all these smoothie type recipes on AR!  Just check out her photo gallery!  You will probably find that everything she has made on there looks like something you must make yourself!  There are an abundant amount of beverage recipes on AR.  Many that I want to try that I have in my recipe box!

I happened to have a few mangoes laying around as they were on sale last week.  I decided to make some Mango Lassi.  The first time I had Mango Lassi was at an Indian restaurant (which unfortunately no longer exists).  I absolutely loved it, so when I first found this recipe I was ecstatic.  I was also really happy to discover that it didn’t take much to make one!

So, what have you been drinking lately?  Have you been in the smoothie groove?  Or, have you been enjoying some special cocktails at the beginning of our summer? Feel free to leave a link to what your enjoying – I would love to see and perhaps even try it!

Mango Lassi
adapted from allrecipes.com Mango Lassi II

1 ripe mango, peeled, seeded & cubed
1 cup fat free, vanilla flavored yogurt
1 cup crushed ice
sweetener to taste (I use Splenda)

You can use your blender or as I do, your emulsion hand blender.  Place all ingredients in container and blend until smooth.  This makes about enough for 1 drink (for me anyway!).  If you can’t drink it all, it is ok to store it in the refrigerator!  Just shake it up some to mix it before drinking.


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    Thanks for including me in your post! I think you're a talented lady with a gorgeous blog, so I am immensely flattered. I love mangoes so much, I buy them by the case. Have you tried the strawberry lassi yet? I hear it's really good too.

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    A perfect summer drink! It's sweltering where I live, I adore mangoes, and I've been on a smoothie/lassi kick lately too, including the popsicle versions of both. Many thanks for sharing this (CC)recipe with us, which looks sensational.

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    I love a good smoothie recipe especially after a hard workout at the gym! In fact I have some mango in the freezer, I know what I'll be making later :)

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    This looks perfect for breakfast. Unfortunitly, I dont have a blender at the moment so I'm smoothy free. Think I'll tell Santa I need one this year! 😉

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    I have some form of a smoothie almost everyday! I also think it's the best way to get a bunch of fruit into my nieces and nephews without them knowing it! Happy Fourth Honey B!

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