The “angel” cupcake

What is an angel cupcake?  Apparently it is a cupcake that is “accidentally” found in the desk of a co-worker that suspiciously looks like a cupcake that Grumpy’s Honeybunch makes.

The other day I received an email from a graduate student.  The email read:

“I accidentally saw a cup cake in Tomek’s desk…which Almost looks like the ones you make…. I’m just wondering what happened to my share….
I responded with “I don’t know what your talking about?” ;o)
I heard back from him with “Ohhh I just got to know that Tomek’s been given a cup cake by some angels……. So its fair….”
Further conversation implied that Tomek was a good boy so he was blessed with a cupcake from the angels whereas Ahintha must be a bad boy because he didn’t get one.  LOL  These are the types of things I am going to miss in the office!  That, and being told I can’t leave until someone graduates….Well, I guess they all better be graduating by this December!
In any case, I am still wondering.  How does one accidentally see something in another person’s desk?  ;o) 
I  made these cupcakes for a few reasons.  First being they were vegan and since I have chosen to eat that way as much as possible, I wanted to see if I could make a cupcake that would rise up with a domed top while baking and also be tasty.  I also wanted to share one with my vegan friend at the office.  :o)  I would say these are pretty darn good for a vegan cupcake and I would make them again for certain!  I will admit that my Nanny’s Mayonnaise Cupcakes still remains my favorite and if I had to choose one over the other it would be that one.  I mean, I have been eating that particular recipe for at least over 40 years!  😀  However, this is a great recipe to have on hand for my vegan diet!
I found the recipe for Chocolate Agave Cupcakes with Vegan Buttercream frosting on the Happy Little Vegans blog.  A great blog!  Check it out!  
P.S.  Thank you to my friend Jamie for pointing me in this blog direction!!.


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    I totaly expected to see an angel food cupcake but that story was way more fun. They sure are gonna miss you Shelby and your cupcakes! They look perfect!

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    I like this is Vegan, I too am attempting to go more toward that direction. It looks delicious and I love a buttercream frosting, the very first kind I learned to make. I am looking forward to looking at more of your posts.
    Smiles at you.

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    Ha Ha! How does one find a cupcake in a co-worker's desk? They are totally going to miss your treats (I mean you Shelby). I'm glad you tried out this Vegan cupcake. I haven't ventured to the vegan cooking but I admire you for doing it.

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    awwww…what a delicious looking cupcake! Jenna (HLV) is a close personal friend and has treated me to many of her delicious vegan treats…yummy!!

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