Salt, spice and cream – on a bagel

Jalapeno Stuffed Olives – they are for more than just a martini!
I have found the “perfect” use for these olives sent to me by Barhyte Specialty Foods.  I’m working on a recipe for their contest – hope to have it done by this week – but I wanted to share with you what I did with some of these awesome olives!!
Most of my readers are aware that I am basically eating vegan/vegetarian while I am on my own.  I bought some Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese.  Yum, yum!  Even my son Christopher liked this cream cheese!  Said it really was better than cream cheese!  I had just received these olives which I promptly sampled – and started thinking about mixing some up with this tofutti!  A definitly delicious thought!  The salty olive, heat from jalapeno and smoothness of the tofutti – pefection on a bagel! 
I’m a Saucy Mama Jalapeno Stuffed Olive Tofuitti Spread
2 tablespoons Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese
4-6 I’m a Saucy Mama Jalapeno Stuffed Olives, chopped
1 teaspoon I’m a Saucy Mama Jalapeno Stuffed Olive juice – I wanted more kick if I could get it!
Mix together well and liberaly spread on a whole wheat bagel.
Eat, enjoy and start thinking about your next bagel! :)


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    OH MY GAWD, I adore green olives, black olives and any kind. I had never thought of mixing with cream cheese, I am buying bagels and cream cheese today! Thank you!

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