Happy Halloween and yes, I’m still alive!

It has been so long since I have had an opportunity to blog that I almost think I forgot how to blog!  We have been in our new home  now for two weeks.  I started my new job last week and prior to that, spent a bit of time driving around with my gps, getting to know the area some.  I had opportunity to have lunch with my Aunt a couple of times (yes, I do have family down here and that does make me happy!) and been in awe of the convenience of everything around me.  It isn’t far, but with traffic it does take longer than it would if I were up north travelling!

We have met our new neighbors who have two adorable kids (whom I intend to share these cookies with!) and Grumpy even seems a bit social!  He and his co-worker have become buddies and we had opportunity to attend a huge car show with them prior to my moving down here.  We are looking forward to spending time with and meeting new friends (and you all know I want to cook for them!) and Grumpy….he is working hard and a lot – but he is so much happier!

Now, Miss Kitty however, is not a happy camper.  Her mouth runs constantly.  The first week she was pretty quiet and didn’t ask to go outside.  Now, she won’t stop meowing.  The poor girl wants outside….just look at her!

We are slowly but surely putting together our home.  Grumpy has to help with the decorating though because
I am only good at appreciating pretty things (other than food!) and no good at putting it together.  I did put together somewhat of a “halloween” decoration on the low boy in our hallway.   However, I am now where near as good as my daughter-in-law at decorating for halloween!  (remember last year’s party?)

We are pretty excited (well I am pretty excited!) about having trick or treaters this year too.  We were warned by our neighbors that we could run out of candy!  We haven’t had trick or treaters in so long now though that I don’t care! :)

Hopefully today I will get to make something yummy to blog about.  I would love to be back into the swing of things.  One thing is certain.  I have people who are willing to eat (or maybe I should say be my guinea pigs?) the food I make!  I think.  ha ha.  So, I am back.  Not quite with a vengence, but maybe just in time for holiday treats to share with you, my new friends and new co-workers!  See you around!


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    I'm glad that you are doing well in your new neighborhood and home…your neighbors are SO lucky to have you! I would much prefer your darling corn candy sugar cookies over the real thing…so cute!

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    good to hear from you shel. when we got our alley cat and had to keep him inside, it was very hard for about 2 months. but we got him a nice big perch with toys and a few other to make this his area by the window. he got used to it and loved having 'his' own area to sit and watch outside. now 5 years later he never tries to go outside, he much prefers it inside.

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