Almond Filled Bonbons – not the candy kind!

Every year I love making cookie recipes that are “different”.  Ones that not everyone else is making (or that I can see they aren’t making them…)  I am always attracted to cookies that have ingredients such as browned butter, Grey Sea Salt, caramel, almond, rum, chocolate, mint…..and the list can go on and on….

Years ago, I remember Price Chopper used to carry these Almond Croissants.  You could only buy them on Sunday because that is the only day of the week they would make them.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they stopped making them. I’m sure they were far from low fat being a croissant and all. 

I have never forgotten that yummy treat.  I would buy 3 or 4 whenever I happened to be there on a Sunday and they had them out.  Then, while I was particapting in the Daring Baker’s, we made the Danish Braids – which turned out much like my coveted crossiants as I used the almond filling in my braid.  Yummy!  However, I’m lazy, and making those braids are too much work for me unless it is a really special occasion.  So, most of the time I just  “dream” about almond filled treats.
Until today.

I decided that I was going to make a bonbon – a cookie that was filled with almond paste and glazed with an amaretto glaze then decorated festively.
Oh my goodness.  If your an almond fan then these easy to put together cookies are a must make for your cookie tray this year!  I’m packing these up today and putting them in the freezer until we head north this weekend to visit family and take care of business.  I’ll be sharing with the kids….and I especially know Justin will love this one!

What cookies are you making this year?  Fill out the link form below and share your favorites with me!  Feel free to leave a link to your own page or someone else’s!  I will start out by guiding you to some of my very favorites from the years past!  Enjoy!


Almond Filled Bonbons

1/3 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup confectioner’s sugar
1 cup unsalted butter
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 tablespoons milk
8 oz almond paste

1-1/2 cups powdered sugar
8 tablespoons amaretto (cause I’m a boozy kinda girl – you can use milk if you wish – but if you do, add some flavoring – almond or vanilla would work!)
Decorator sugars

Preheat oven to 375.  Using electric hand mixer, mix butter, sugars, flour and milk.  Dough will be stiff.
Using a tablespoon, scoop out a scant tablespoon of dough.  Using a teaspoon, scoop out a teaspoon of almond paste.  Shape dough into a ball, covering the teaspoon of almond paste.  You should get close to 4 dozen cookies using this method.

Bake 10 – 12 minutes or until set and bottom is golden brown.  Remove from cookie sheet and cool.

Make glaze and spread over top of cooled cookie.  Sprinkle with decorator sugars and enjoy!


  1. says

    Bonbons? Amaretto? Almond paste? Yes please!

    I thought I had my Christmas cookie list already sorted, but I must add these to the list too. The flavor sounds addictive, and they are so very pretty too!

  2. says

    I also love different cookies – something out of the ordinary. Those look delicious! I'm still trying to decide which Christmas cookies I want to make this year.

  3. says

    How interesting! They look just like the Bon Bon Cookies I posted about last weekend, except that I modified the 1956 Betty Crocker recipe by adding cocoa to make the cookies chocolate, and used peanut butter cups as the fillings. I even wrote about dipping them in the plain frosting.

    I guess great minds think alike, and this may be the year of the Bon Bon!

  4. says

    Absolutely amazing! We have a bakery downtown that makes a number of almond confections. I love them all, but have never really made many of my own. I've also stayed away from melting white chocolate as I've not always had the best experiences, until this year. I made a bon bon sort of candy for Christmas an using Guittard chips (can't find them now!) it all worked like a dream.
    These little bon bons will definitely be on our tray!
    Your photos are stunning… the little pieces of sugar are so sharp, nicely done!
    Ah,… and congrats on a well deserved top 9 as well!!

  5. says

    These really looks good and delicious.Bon-bon refers to any of several types of sweets, especially small candies enrobed in chocolate.
    The first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were made at the French royal court. In modern French, the term simply refers to any type of small candy.

  6. Anonymous says

    I just made these and they are fantastic! I added black food coloring to the bonbon and shaped them like squares. They look like cute little lumps of coal! I will be bringing them to a cookie exchange in a few days! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

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