November 30, 2010

Archie and Edith....well, almost!

No food today.  Today's topic is Grumpy.  He sometimes likes to make me think he's a He-Man.  That he's not soft in anyway.  Something happened the other night - you know, a rare moment.  If I'm not here with another post soon, you will know that my tattle tailing has gotten me in trouble! 
Grumpy can be a tough outside exterior but really, he's does have a soft side.  He just doesn't show it much - if he can help it.  Grumpy likes to come off tough.  He likes to think he's "the boss of me" but I'm a strong willed woman.  I fight it.  So, in our joking ways, he tells me to do something and because he's "telling" me, I tell him to kiss my, well....derriere.  ;-)  I've compared us to Edith and Archie Bunker before, but in all reality - he is Archie...but me?  Well, I'm no meek Edith running around waiting on him hand and foot saying "yes Grumpy"!  Ok, ok, so I do wait on him hand and foot - but I'm not a yes girl!  If I don't want to do something - you can't make me do it.  Grumpy got a run for his money when he married me!

Earlier this weekend he was being his "bossy" self and I was at the point where I just was sick of it.  The joking was getting to be too much for me so I told him he was "mean and misearble" and that he needed to stop being so bossy/forceful with me.  He let up (although not entirely - he wouldn't be Grumpy if he did that!).  Later that evening we were in our usual spot - in bed with the TV on....Grumpy watching TV (or so I thought) and me, almost out of it.  All it takes for me to go to sleep is to lie down.  I'm like one of those dolls with the moveable eyes.  Lie me down, my eyes shut.  Sit me up, I'm wide awake. 

I was just about into a good sleep when I heard Grumpy say "You don't really think I'm mean do you?  You know I'm not being mean that I'm not serious and I'm just I am teasing you, right?" I'm of course semi stupor but his comments made me wake right up.  Grumpy was actually thinking about what I had said to him.  He then told me "I want you to know that I'm not being mean.  I would hate to have you believe I was being mean on purpose and maybe have me just not come home someday."  He was thinking about how he loves to hunt, and of course, living in a new area, hunting on state land (which isn't always the safest) and how he has to be on the road so much for his job - and maybe someday he didn't make it home.  He was reassuring me that he loved me.

That was all I needed to hear.  It was enough for me to be able to take the teasing again (within reason!  lol).  Sometimes I just get tired and don't want to have to have a "come back".  Maybe its because I'm getting older.  I don't know.  However, it is those moments like that evening when Grumpy opens his heart that makes it worth while and enough for me to realize that he does have a soft heart, he just doesn't like to share it. 

It's also enough for me to know that giving him my heart was not the wrong thing to do.  I really do love my Grumpy.


  1. Marriage: wouldn't be worth the hassle without the hassle.

    It makes us grow and learn and love. Thanks for sharing this Shelby.

  2. AW, that was sweet! My honey likes to tease a lot, too but when he gets out of hand I give a good wack to let him know he needs to knock it off. :)

  3. You've painted such s personal picture here, Shelby, one that I doubt I would have the courage to express myself. Perhaps because I'm the bossy one in my family ....? Many thanks for sharing both your thoughts and your Grumpy with us here.

  4. How precious!!! I love moments like that (your Grumpy is a lot like my Hubby). Some women need lavish gifts...all I need is a moment like you described. I'm a happy old lady.

  5. Aww. Thanks for sharing the softer side of Grumpy with us...although I knew it all along when he is willing to try foods other than his meat and potatoes just to pleaese you, when he looks for a restaurant where you can have something on the menu:D

  6. Such a cute story! I loved it! This is the reason I read blogs. Thanks for sharing. You have some awesome recipes!

  7. Ahh that is so sweet, my guy is a tough cookie on the outside and a tess tenderheart on the inside!

  8. I love this post!! Sounds like we have very similar "grumpies"! My family did not grow up with teasing at all, but my husband's family was all about teasing. They go at each other with a vengeance, appearing really, really mean to the naked eye. However, they really do not feel that they are being "mean" to each other. Luckily, my husband does not do it so much to me any more, although a few drinks will bring it out. I've gotten used to it, mostly, but like you sometime I've just had enough.
    I know how sweet that moment was for you! We've had a couple of those as well and they really do stick with you!


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