A heart full of love can sometimes make you cry….

I can’t speak for fathers, but I can certainly speak for mothers….our children are our life, our heart and soul.  As I sit here on this Thanksgiving morning I feel empty.  Empty because I am spending a holiday not even close to my children.  While I am sad about it I have some comfort knowing that they are not alone and will be spending time with people who love them.  I will talk to them today and I will anticipate seeing them soon – and especially look forward to having them with us at Christmas time this year. 

I think of the mornings when my boys were little and I would be up early prepping the holiday meal or at least putting together what I would be taking to dinner if I wasn’t hosting.  Thier sweet little sound when they would come downstairs in the morning, give me a hug and say “I love you mommy”.  My little boys, who are all grown up, will always be in my heart who they were from day one of their lives.  Precious, sweet, adorable, thoughtful and loving children that I am blessed to have in my life.  It is amazing the love one can feel for someone else, but it is even more amazing the bond between a mother and child.  It touches my heart so deep knowing that my sons are not afraid to show me they love me.  They have hearts and are compassionate young men – and I know they love me as deeply as I love them.  For that I will be forever thankful.

So, while I may shed a few tears because I am not within reach of their hugs today, I anticipate when I will see them and will remember all the years we have been together on this holiday…..and know that there will be many more to come. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the heart & home of
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    Hi Shelby,
    I can sure feel your emptiness, I have had those kinds of holidays, but am so thankful at least we have our boys to make it up with at a later date. I can relate also with not having my mom and dad here with me anymore, it gets harder every year not easier when life changes. What I do is cook for an army when I am alone like that, everything goes in the freezer till the boys are here together, makes me feel better. I hope you and hubby have a peaceful day. I have to work all day, so its just another one of the same for me…will plan Thanksgiving another time…will be thinking of you, hope you feel a little better knowing your not alone out there!

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    Oh Shelby… this post brought tears to my eyes! While mine are still young and at home, I know that in a blink of an eye they will be grown, too. I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and that the phone call from your boys brightens your spirit. Lots of love coming your way! :)

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    My daughter is 4 hours away so I can certainly empathize Shelby. The plus side is that there is still plenty to be thankful for as you know and although Thanksgiving is a huge event in the States, Christmas is even bigger in Canada.I am sure you will get enough hugs to tide you over till the next time!!!!

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    You couldn't have said it better. I feel the exact same way!!! I guess I never anticipated my children would grow up and start a life away from me…I guess it means we did something right, but on holidays it doesn't feel that way does it.

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    Oh a mother's love for her children! I feel the same about my grown babies and am thankful that we too have a close relationship.
    I'm glad you will see your boys at Christmas Shelby. It is hard to be away from our kids after we have spent so many years with them as the center of our lives. God bless you!

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    I'm sorry you couldn't be with them for this holiday, but I'm sure your conversations brought them closer to you on Thanksgiving. Only a short time to go and Christmas will be here and they'll be close by and you can celebrate and enjoy that precious time together again. Happy Thanksgiving!

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