Oh Candy, candy, candy! (prounce that without the d!)

There is no doubt that I am a lover of all things sweet.  Whether it be cookies, cake, pie, or candy!  While I prefer cupcakes over cake and cookies over pie, candy will always hold a place special in my heart. 
There is a story that is told about me and I heard all about it (again) over this last weekend when I was visiting my Aunt Ann and delivering her some of those yummy Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon buns!  When I was quite young we were visiting my Nanny.  I was being very quiet and I am assuming I was occupying myself by snooping in my Nanny’s spare room. 
The story it told that I was so quiet and my mom, aunt and grandmother started to wonder where Shelby went.  They were soon to find out as I came squealing out of Nanny’s spare room with candy flying out a box I had in my hand and the words I repeated were “Oh, canny, canny, canny!”  I apparently was totally delighted to have found some sugar in my Nanny’s room.  I’m not sure where that candy was that she had so carefully hidden (she was good at that as I found out over the years!) but little Shelby certainly had snooped good enough to find it!  
I still seem to sniff out good quality chocolates as an adult!  One of the first things that caught my eye when I was exploring Albany area was Krause’s Chocolate Shop.  I’ve been living here now for a month and finally had the opportunity to stop in and check out the chocolate came!  My friend Theresa was here over the weekend and we attended the Pride of NY Harvest Fest and then later, went on over to Central Avenue to check out the chocolate shop.
They have a store of full of chocolates along with a fudge counter and chocolate/truffle counter.  While I haven’t tasted all of these yet, if they all follow suite to what I have eaten, then they will all be winners!  I really loved the petit four, it had an almond flavor to it that was irresistable – so much so I had to eat the whole thing when I intended to only eat half!  It seems my chocolate honing is still in good shape as I had no trouble finding some very yummy chocolate in my new home area!

If you are in Albany you should check it out.  Krause’s is located at 1609 Central Avenue, Albany, NY.  You can visit their website for more of what they have to offer….and they do ship!

****Disclaimer:  Krause’s was unaware that I was writing this blog post.  They did not know I would be visiting their store and they did not give me anything in compensation for talking about their company.****


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    We'll see if my little one can sniff our her Nanny's (and Papa's) stash of chocolate when we go to visit. All three are chocoholics so it'll be a contest.

    That candy store in Albany looks fantastic.

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