Happy Birthday to my Christopher!

Justin, Me, Christopher

My baby.  I know, most children don’t like to be called that….but in all honestly, that is what they are and will always be in a mother’s heart – no matter how old or big they get to be.

My Christopher.  One of the two most precious babies I had and the last one I had.  To think, I wasn’t ready to have another child when I found out I was going to have Christopher.  I cried.  I thought to myself, “how on earth can I ever love another child as much as I love Justin?”  Nine months later I found out that it was more than possible and if anything, Christopher was the most precious Christmas present a mom could ever receive.  He turned out to be the most loving, kind hearted, handsome young man.  How this wonderful young man hasn’t had some sweet little thing snatch him right up yet I will never understand.  Of course, it probably isn’t because someone doesn’t want to….more like he doesn’t seem to deem it important to him at this point in his life.  I do know one thing.  If the way he treats his momma is the way he will treat soulmate, this young man will be the most attentive, loving partner that anyone will be able to find.  I’m so proud to have been participant in raising this boy.  (yes, his daddy gets credit too!).  Happy Birthday Fur.  Mom loves you with all her heart and soul….and I am so happy you decided to find a way into this world!


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