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    Funny, my hubby bought an iphone today. And he used my gift card from Xmas! Actually, he offered to get me one too but my phone contract doesn't run out until March so I figured I'd wait and save some money.

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    All three guys in my house have one. One lost his. Meh, if you don't have something that expensive, you don't have to fret when you lose it.

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    Lisa, like you I'm holding out for the phone….

    Fallon – I doubt it! But I did get a FULL DAY at the spa for Christmas…guess that can make up for it.

    Mags. Um. I'm the one that has to be told things are being withheld from….if you get my jist. he he.

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    I have officially stolen my boyfriend's iPad. He doesn't seem to mind that I claim to need it for my job Every Day. He's great like that.
    However, I need to get up on the smart phone action. My phone can send text messages, but that's about it. I'm so excited Verizon is now selling iPhones! Life is complete

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