February 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Grumpy

This is the magic year for Grumpy.  The year that you hit the age where you never get another year older.  ;o)  Do you know what age that is? I threw him his first ever surprise birthday party this year.  His dad and step-mom made it down which made it even more of a special surprise.   I say after the last two years and everything we have had to endure, it was about time to have a celebration!  I hope I helped make Grumpy's birthday a special one to remember and thanks to all our new friends who made it possible!

Happy Birthday Grumpy.  I do love ya you old fart.  :-p


  1. Happy birthday Grumpy!!!!!! It really was a special day!

  2. I know that age, god I know that age.........:)

  3. Happy Birthday from me too! Hope you had wondeful time celebrating with friends and family! To many happy returns!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Grumpy!!! Is he 50?!!

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope it's the beginning of an amazing new decade!


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