Looks can be deceiving

See these pretty little things?? I do mean little too….I made them miniature.
Look at all those mini pastel toppers from Nestle….so cute all pink and yellow
Have you seen the Nestle Toppers yet?  I love them!
Like I said, looks can be deceiving.
and….while these were pretty little buggers….they didn’t turn out the way I hoped.  Because of this, I am not giving you my adaptation of the recipe I used.  Instead, I will send you to Cooking Light where I got the original recipe and screwed it up royally.  However, all that said, use caution when making these.  I omitted the oil (by accident) and they stuck to the papers.  They also had no flavor.  I thought the batter was really, really loose too for a muffin…and that was with forgetting to add the oil.  I was so sad.  Because they were so cute.  I wanted to take them to work….but thought better of it.
Cooking Light’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins.  
If you make this recipe (or have made it) please tell me, did they turn out for you?  I need to know if it is worth trying again!


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    Even though these didn't live up to your expectations, they sure look good! I've never heard of the nestle toppers! I will definitely look for them at stores! Gives a great pop of color!

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