Grilled Porterhouse with Oozing Maitre d’ Butter

Every day, for the most part, Grumpy and I have been going to the gym.  I seem to go a little more often than Grumpy, but I’m also a morning person so its easy for me to go on weekend mornings when he’s still asleep and then he tends to not go later.  On the weekend the gym opens at 7 AM.  I get there sometime around that time or a little after.  I always watch Food Network TV when I’m there exercising and I most always leave wanting to eat really, really bad!

One of the shows that is on weekend mornings is Alex’s Day Off.  At first I thought – “ugh, this is on?”  However, I watched it anyway and now I am hooked on her show.  This woman knows how to cook and she explains how to create the recipe so clearly.  I love it!  Not too long ago I saw her make this Porterhouse Steak.  The whole meal she made was mouthwatering, but I knew I had to make this steak for Grumpy.  It would be a real treat for him!

I know this steak may not be red enough for many people – but for me, it was what I need.  I personally don’t care for red meat much so when I do have it, it needs to be cooked and not seem raw to me in anyway.  The steak was great but the Oozing Butter, oh me, oh my.  That butter is to die for.  I guess its a good thing I’m exercising a lot or I would never have afforded to eat this steak!  Try it out….you won’t be sorry!

We grilled our steak – and since Alex does a wonderful job of telling you how to make this steak and butter, I am just going to send you to the Food Network site for her recipe and tell you to follow it exactly!


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    I really like Alex and her shows. And you had me at oozing with this steak! I don't go to a gym anymore, but I workout at home on the treadmill and when I do, I read foodie magazines! Great motivation.

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    I know isn't she great! I mean she just nails the flavor combos perfectly. I just love learning from her.
    you did a perfect job on this. that butter is foodporn!

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    Oh this looks fabulous. I can't watch the food network when i work out – then i just go home hungry and eat half the fridge :) Nice steak – but i like mine pretty red and bloody :)

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    Shelby, that looks amazing. I love Alex and enjoy her on Chopped but haven't seen her Day Off show.

    Hubby only likes rib eyes, but maybe I'll talk him into a porterhouse! I will definitely try the butter!

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches Food Network while working out (C: I do that too at the gym and my hubby just shakes his head. Especially when they are making totally unhealthy things. This looks yummy!

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    Butter, butter, did someone say butt-tah! I'm all over this, Shelby. I'm with you, not much of a meat eater, but when I have steak it has to be more on the rare side. Ole Sweetie-Pi, who IS the steak lover, likes his well done. Go figure. But I know we'd both agree on this! Looks outstanding!!!

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