My Best Friend and the Love of My Life

He’s my best friend….to me more of a legend than Nike will ever be.
My heart will love him forever and for always.  Even though he tells me it already feels like forever.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ve been through a lot of tough times together, The Grump and Me.  However, those tough times are what makes the good times seem so good.  We finally have some peace in our life after having it turned upside down almost 2 years ago and have been settled in our new home and new life 9 months already.  
We recently were able to take a trip to Maine.  A place so close to us that it  was insane that we had never gone.  We went to Boothbay Harbor and took in the beauty of the Northeastern Coast.  
We enjoyed drinks on the deck of The Rocktide Inn (where we stayed for 3 nights) and took in the beauty of the harbor.  
We went on a Whale watch – something else we had never done before – and it was amazing.  Seeing the huge and seemingly graceful whales spout and then later rise above the water to show us their fin and back.  
We did a bit of shopping and Grumpy tried on several different hats….and even posed for photos. 
Darn he’s so sexy.  
He thought we should get this sign but I told him a photo would have to suffice.  That although I was happy he thought I was the best, I didn’t need a sign around telling everyone that I was an “old hooker”.  
We ate at The Lobster Dock.  We had to try the crabcakes that beat Bobby Flay in the throw down.
and they were one of the BEST things we ate that weekend.  Now I’m on a search to make these along with the sauce so we can enjoy them at home.
Last, but not least, Grumpy decided we needed our caricature done.  I just wonder about the heart.
We didn’t tell the artist to put it there.  Maybe he was inspired by my jewelry but I like to think that he saw the true love there between Grumpy and Me.  
Grumpy.  He’s my best friend.  He always will be.


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    What a GREAT story and LOVE the crab cakes and the caricature! Funny, but I was just telling one of my daughters how much I love her dad the other day. I think the last few years have been the best of our 29 years together. Nice to hear you are also married to your best friend and love of your life. I love Grumpy Stories. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    This just made me smile! I love your blog and just celebrated my 27th wedding anniversary with my best friend, and this post just makes me happy to see your love for Grumpy. So cool!

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    What a sweet post! My parents are going to Maine for Lobster Fest this summer and I can only hope they are as happy as you two look here.

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    I can't help but giggle….Grumpys B-day is in February…but he should feel like he's getting a present from me every single day because I dote on him hand and foot ladies! ;0))

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