November 24, 2011

Irish Coffee

How simple does it get?  A holiday morning, chill in the air, a workout complete (an hours worth at that!) and a hot mug of Irish Coffee.  Looking forward to spending the day with family today and I wish you and yours the best Thanksgiving Day ever.  I will miss my sons and my parents today but will find comfort in knowing they are spending the day with family that loves them!  Sit back, relax, enjoy your day, and end it with a nice hot steaming cup of Irish Coffee.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Irish Coffee

6 oz hot brewed coffee
1 shot glass Irish Cream Liquor
2 tablespoons homemade whipped cream*

In glass measure, mix hot coffee and Irish Cream Liquor together.

In coffee mug, place 2 tablespoons whipped cream.  Pour coffee mixture over whipped cream.  Whisk and enjoy.

*I make homemade whipped cream by putting 1/2 cup heavy cream in the blender.  I add a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar and 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.  I whiz the blender on high until it looks like the cream has started to thicken.  Be careful to not whiz too long or you will turn your cream to butter!  Its ok that its not super thick--I actually let mine be just a little on the soft side when using for this recipe.


bellini said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Shelby!!!!

claudia @whats cookin said...

Wish I could bring this in a gallon size cup to work to keep me going for the next 17 hours! Happy Thanksgiving

Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jeff @ said...

This is a great cup of joe. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

tifany underson said...

1 cup is not enough maybe 2 Irish coffee would be enough. I’ll suggest unlimited coffee for everyone.

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