A Guest Post–Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada and Bunuelos and Churros

Hi! Katrina here from Baking and Boys! So fun to be guest posting here for Shelby while she’s away!

“Cuz’ I like Pina Colada….and getting caught in the rain……”

While Shelby is off on her long-awaited and much-deserved Mexican cruise with Grumpy, she asked if I would do a guest post for her—I jumped at the chance. Shelby is such a great gal with a wonderful blog and I’ve come to think of her as another “sista from another mista”. Always happy to help my “sistas” when I can. Besides the idea of Shelby playing around in Mexico gave me things to think about as a post for her and my family and I really enjoyed what I came up with!

I thought it would be fun to do some kind of drink, since I’m sure Shelby is enjoying one or two while they are sailing away. Simple enough, I settled on the ol’ Pina Colada. The boys and Kevin and I all really enjoyed this refreshing drink one night. I was just bummed that I didn’t have any cute little umbrellas to stick in the drink!

The recipe is so simple and I like that it has no added sugar (well, I think there is a little in the coconut cream). There are also only three ingredients and that’s if you count ice as one. I found the recipe at Drink Swap. We doubled it.

Virgin (Non Alcoholic) Pina Colada

14 ounces pineapple juice

4 ounces coconut cream (I used a brand called Coco Real brand)

2 cups crushed ice

Put all ingredients in a blender, with the ice first and blender for a minute or two until smooth. Serve in glasses with fun straws.

Well, that’s not fun enough for a guest post, so I made a couple other things to go along with the drink. Churros were next up! Perfectly Mexican treats that the kids loved! What is not to love about fried food with cinnamon and sugar?

We (especially Scott and Parker) were eating them so fast I had them run a bunch over the the neighbor girls next door to share!

Another simple recipe perfect if you don’t get the real pleasure of going to Mexico (like some lucky people!) for the real thing! 😉

I followed the recipe I found at Rockin Robin’s Cooking Mexican Recipes exactly. Try them—they’re great!

That just wasn’t enough, because since I had oil out for frying the churros, we remembered how much we love Deep Fried Scones also known as Sopapillas, which are also a Mexican treat known as Bunuelos. The only difference is that sopapillas are a dough made with yeast and bunuelos have no yeast and are made with baking powder. We made the Churros on morning and the boys begged me to make “scones” (as we call them), so those were made that same day in the evening. I halved the recipe linked above for the bunuelos and they ate every single one of them! (We don’t fry food very often, so I decided to just let the kids eat what they wanted.) Fried food is best fresh!

The bunuelos are traditionally made with a cinnamon-sugar mixture on them, while scones/sopapillas have butter and honey drizzled over them.

The boys ended up having the cinnamon/sugar on them AND drizzling them with honey.

Can’t get away on a cruise to Mexico? Make your own goodies at home!


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