Ringing in 2012 with some favorite appetizers!

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Its no secret, I love appetizers.  I love making a meal of small bites.  I think my grandmother would have thought the same way!  When we were at my Aunt Ann’s for Christmas my cousin Ryan was asking what kind of pie should he have….and I told him “do what Nanny would have done….have a tiny piece of each!”  Um, there were 3 pies and guess what?  Most of us did just that!  I decided that since I love appetizers so, I would share some from my past and maybe give you some last minute ideas for New Years Eve!

Buffalo and Blue Cheese Stuffed Button Mushrooms – this is my #1 favorite!
Brader’s Artichoke Bruchetta – my #2!

Cheesy Garlic Bread – One of Grumpy’s Favs!
Roasted Shrimp Tasting Spoons – oh so good!
Butternut Squash Bruschetta – a new fav!

And my newest appy treat I made for my 4 year blogging giveaway post – Brie Popover Bites with Seckel Pears.  Check out the links on the post to my blogging friends who are helping me celebrate for their appetizer contribution and don’t forget to enter if you haven’t already!

Brie Popover Bites with Seckel Pears
Happy New Year!  
Lets enjoy 2012 with lots of great fun and recipes!


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