Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!
Legacy of my mother and the women in our lives.
I am thinking of 3 special women in my life – my Mom, Aunt Ann & Aunt Marlene.  My mom for being my mom and my Aunt’s for being someone I can also turn to when I need someone to talk to.  I’m very blessed and so lucky to have so many special people in my life.
Happy mother’s day also to these special people….my female cousins on my mom’s side who I grew up with and spent many a days together playing as kids.   The tradition goes on as they have their own daughters – and some who have had children of their own!  (btw I am the ONLY one of these girls who did not have a daughter of my own!)
Michelle Whitton Stott
Amanda Whitton Abrantes
Pamela Whitton Leonard
Andrea Jefferson Clementz
Nichole Whitton Morse
I also want to remember my Great Aunt Helga Clark, she wasn’t a mom but she sure treated us all like her children at some point in our lives!  
And lastly, but not least, to remember my Grandma Mae Iris Whitton.  The woman who gave to and taught me to love unconditionally.  


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