Happy Birthday Justin!

I wonder.  I wonder if my children realize just how much I think about them?  I wonder if they realize just how much a part of me they are, that I would not be me if I didn’t have them?  

Today is Justin’s birthday.  Since I have started this blog, Justin has celebrated 5 birthdays and 5 wedding anniversaries.  I love my Justin.  I am so lucky to have such a sweet little boy turned man in my life.  I’m so proud of him.  This year Justin and Kristina became first time home owners.  They have a nice home with their two “puppies” and a happy successful life.  He’s a happy boy and that makes me happy.  Happy Happy Day to you my little boy all grown up.  I love you so much, I miss you and I can’t wait to hug and kiss you again!  Below are posts that I did on Justin’s birthday in the past.  I didn’t put one up last year….go figure.  Must be getting old myself.  😉 Sure doesn’t mean he wasn’t on my mind… because I think about him every single day, several different times of the day.  XOXO Love you son.

Justin’s 22nd birthday
Justin’s 23rd birthday
Justin’s 24th birthday
Justin’s 25th birthday


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