David C. Whitton – Citizen of the Year

and MY Uncle :-)  You can’t tell I am proud can you?

You can read about this honor bestowed upon my uncle here, but let me tell you some things that the paper can’t tell you.

Uncle David is my Nanny’s baby boy.  I am Nanny’s first grandbaby.  I have been told stories about how my Uncle David absolutely loved me when I was born.  Well who wouldn’t?  Love a baby that is. 😉  However, even though when I got older, he had his fun teasing me, when I was a teen and away at a boarding school he would type me letters from his work typewriter to send off to me.  When I think about it now, that really tells me just how much he loved me.  Then when he found out I was going to have surgery to replace 2 disc in my neck, he called me, so concerned and worried about whether I was doing the right thing and that had me in tears knowing his concern.  There is no doubt in my mind.  My Uncle David loves me.  And I love my Uncle David.  He is a kind hearted man who never wants to do anything but help someone in need.  He also is a fun guy who loves to tease and laugh and joke.  While I can’t be home to celebrate this honor with our family and friends, I can certainly let everyone in the internet world know about him and share  his honor with you!

I love you Uncle David.  My heart overflows when I think of you and how much you care.  I will never, ever forget.  Congratulations on your success!!!  XOXOXO  Shelby Mae Lou Law :) aka Sister Sue (don’t know where that came from) and Bontonelle (a nickname bestowed upon me by my uncles because I reminded them of my dad’s youngest sister Bonnie).  

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