The Pucker Factor – Dill Pickle Martini

I hope you weren’t looking yesterday to see what special thing Grumpy did for me on Valentine’s Day…because we didn’t do anything for each other this year.  Actually, just being together and being happy is really good enough for me any day of the week!  We have things to look forward to this year however, so we are being frugal with our pennies.

Yesterday, if there were as many sweets in most of your lives as there were in mine at the office, you might feel like a little puckering today!  The only thing I indulged in at work was a gorgeous heart shaped cookie from a local bakery.  There was a chocolate fountain set up at the office also but I avoided that area.  You could also use this as a way to get your sweetie to pucker up for you after sweetening him or her up. *wink*!

For this reason, today I am bringing to you what seems to be a bit of a controversial drink on my Facebook page.  There were some definite “no” reactions when I posted the photo, but I say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!  If you like dill pickles, you should like this martini.  I found the recipe on and as part of my “faceless recipe” assignment I made this drink.  My thoughts were, it can’t really be that bad as its not much different from the dirty martini!  I absolutely love this drink.  I might even have one tonight!  I think this drink needs to be given more of a chance so if you try it out, make sure you check out and give it a rating!

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Dill Pickle Martini
not that far off from the dirty martini – and a great drink!
  • Ice
  • 3 shot glasses vodka
  • 1 shot glass dill pickle juice
  • dill pickle slices (to garinish)
Fill shaker with ice.  Pour vodka and pickle juice over ice and shake well.  Pour into glasses and garnish with pickle slices.  My measurements are to our tastes.  Measurements on allrecipes are slightly different.

Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: Total time: 5 mins Yield: 4 mini martini’s or 2 regular sized martini’s


  1. says

    LOVE these! I used to go to a bar that served pickle shots that were very similar to this. Potent, delicious, and dangerous! Especially with Absolut Peppar which gives it a spicy little kick.


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