Homemade – Neck Scarf and other news :)

These are not all the best quality photos I am sharing with you today.  I used my phone to take some shots recently and this one of me it was easier to do with my phone because I can turn the camera to face me.  I am sharing this with you because I wanted to show you my first crochet project – as it looks on a person as well as the photo I took below of it laid out.

I subscribe to Annie’s Crochet Magazine and this scarf was one of the patterns in their spring magazine.  I love this scarf.  It is lightweight and soft and just right to cover that “bare” area.  Its call Island Breeze Scarf.  Perfect name for it!  The magazine shows it in Island Multi Crochet Cotton (size 3) however I could not find that particular color.  All of the crochet cotton I could find was a solid color.  This one particular one though has a little sparkle to it, so since I love lavender and I love sparkle, I went with this color.  Suits me fine if I can say so myself.  :)

I am currently making another scarf that will definitely be for cooler weather wear.  I’m almost done making it and when I am done I will share it with you.  I’m loving that one too!

When I crochet, I am sitting in my loveseat with the foot rest up.  Its still been chilly enough for me to need to be covered up with a blanket.  Most of the time Rudy or Chubby want up on my lap when I’m doing this.  I don’t mind if they leave my yarn alone when I’m crocheting.  One night recently when I was sitting with my feet up covered with a blanket, I could feel this “tapping” around under my seat.  Rudy was under the footrest tapping to find a way up between the blanket and footrest to get to me.  Once he got up through the gap, he laid his furry little behind down and put his paws on the seat part and just laid there.  He is such a funny and cute little stinker.  :) I love my little RRR!


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    That is a beautiful scarf. I love to crochet also. Have you tried the lacy scarves? If not, you need to try them. I have made about 200 of them. They work up fast and are beautiful.

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      Peggy, i'm just getting back into it. I have seen the lacy scarves but havent made any yet. I finished my other scarf yesterday and am working on my bag today!

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