Sunday Morning Shares from the Grumpy House

Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

Ok, now isn’t that just about the most adorable thing you’ve seen ever?  Christopher texted me earlier this week with two photos of this adorable little baby who was rescued by a friend.  I immediately fell in love with this fella and I can’t even cuddle him.  Poor me.  Lucky Christopher.  Even luckier, Christopher’s friend!

Just look at that baby.  He loves to lie on his tiny little back from the looks of it and how adorable is that. When I asked Christopher what his name was, he told me he was named AC because he had been found outside by the AC unit.  I’m so happy this baby was saved!

Here is a really fun food I got in my Field Good’s bag this week.  Popcorn on the Cob!  It was amazing.   When I heard it start to pop I started to get excited to see how it turned out and I was not disappointed!  I would have my popcorn like this every time if I could!  I had such an awesome bag this week!  A little butter and all was perfect.  :)

This is Grumpy’s handiwork.  While I was prepping dinner last night he was playing with my camera.  I constantly have it on the tripod by our sliding glass door so I can take photos from the window or take it out easily on the deck.  Now that we live in the midst of nature again, we have become more and more interested in photographing the wildlife around us.  Finally, after 3 weeks of having a hummingbird feeder, we have hummingbirds in our back yard also.   We saw a big ole chubby bunny last night as we were sitting at the table on the deck with our dinner.

The perfect ending to the day will be with a fire in the fire pit!  We have had a lot of dead old branches to get rid of that we have gathered in this huge yard of ours.  I’m not sure how long this place was empty before we finally got it, but I can tell you that the vegetation really needs attention.  Grumpy’s been doing a lot of pruning dead stuff away.  I think our yard here is as big if not bigger than the one we had back home.  I can tell you it has taken him a total of 3 or probably more hours of work just to mow it.

That is our week pretty much in a nutshell other than working every day.  Work itself is so busy that I barely have time to think about taking a walk to the ladies room.  At least my day goes by quickly.  Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming but I honestly think I’m just really needing a vacation, and that is coming soon!

Have a great week!  If I have time next week, I’ll recap some fun things again next Sunday morning.  Oh yeah, and before I leave….I can’t forget to share a photo of my own baby.  :)  That Rotten Rudy Rut-ton.  I love him so!  He is sunning himself under the dining room table the funniest places our babies will like to lay!


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    What a little cutie!! So glad AC was rescued! I enjoyed reading your post and know the feeling about the never ending yardwork. We have a couple of acres and we like to keep it 'woodsy' as we call it haha. That's our excuse for not having to get out there and work constantly!!

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