July 20, 2014

Sunday with the Grumpy's 7.21.14

Where do I start? I thought for certain I would have no post yet again this Sunday. I had no luck with photos this week. Then, I realized, the photos on my phone weren't bad at all so your getting a Sunday with the Grumpy's post after all!

I guess I'll start at the weeks end.  Thursday was not a good day for Grumpy.  He was having one of those bad unemployment moments.  Friday, when I left for work, I had already decided I was going to do something to try and help him get out of the bad vibe.  I decided we were due for a date night.  Last minute plans, I took him to Grappa 72 over on Central Avenue in Albany.  It was a beautiful night and we sat outside for our meal.  That was probably the best part of that visit.  I was so anxious to take him there because I had gone there with my friend Jill for lunch and was blown away at how good our meal was.  Dinner was not as mind blowing.  I probably won't be going back.
Part 2 of our date, Grumpy was of the mind I might actually be taking him to a strip club.  ha ha.  Nope.  I took him someplace better.  I took him to visit our best friends in town, the Bullards.  Lilly was very happy to see Grumpy.  I think Brian was sulking in the background.  ;)
Jill and Me.  I love this lady and she is the best neighbor we have ever had.  She is also the caretaker of our pets when we travel.  I couldn't ask to have found a better friend when we moved here.  Jill and Brian's family have become our family away from home.  This was a much needed night of friends hanging out.
At the fire pit
With good wine.
And the best friends a couple could ask for.  That visit really brought Grumpy out of the dumps.
Saturday morning breakfast.  Very thin Pepperidge Farm wheat bread, swiss cheese, tomato - broiled.  One of my favorites.  Low carb, high protien and yummy :)
Saturday morning texting with Christopher brought about mention of the recent Allrecipes.com magazine that we both get.  I took a photo of mine to share with him to see if we were talking about the same magazine.  This is a boy after my own heart.  :)  He has a special friend visiting him this weekend and then not long after, he will be moving back this way for a few months before he makes his final move to Florida.  I miss that boy and can't wait to get some hugs.  
Its been a while since I shared some morning cuddles with my cuddle bug Rudy.  He is the most loveable affectionate cat and I am so happy he is mine.  ALL mine.  Hear that Grumpy?  ;)  

Until next time....

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Sherri Jo said...

Tell that Grumpy that he's a good guy for me.... I happen to be kinda partial to him <3 *hugs*... I'm kinda partial to you too! :)

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