August 10, 2014

Sunday with the Grumpys 8.10.14

Not a lot of words today. One of those quiet kind of days. Most of my photos are from my walk this morning and today, its all about Kitty Girl.
It was dark when I took this photo last night...but I used the night setting on my camera and this is how the photo turned out.  I thought the full moon was pretty so I had to grab a snapshot of it.
This morning I decided to take a walk.  I mentioned to Sherri Jo that I had a really long driveway.  This is a photo after I had already gone halfway down the drive to the road!
My walking view :)  Our neighbors John & Mary have a gorgeous view from their home.  Hopefully in the near future I can get some shots of the view from their home!  I love being surrounded by all these trees.  Most of the homes on our road are set back in aways from the road.  The nature, the fresh air, the beauty of the sun filtering through the trees is just a real feel good feeling.
I thought this was pretty cool.  I have no idea if Gus & Effie still live down that driveway.  You can't see a house from the road, but I love the rustic announcement of the home.  
There are plenty of these wildflowers around right now.  I love getting close ups of flowers.  This photo was taken with my phone.  I'm pretty impressed with how great the phone does for taking photos.
The entrance to our driveway.  The yellow gate is what keeps people from falling down the deep ravine that borders our home.
Home sweet home.  I love it here.  This is where I was standing when I took the photo heading out of the house, just in the opporist direction.  Kitty Girl was sitting on the railing at the top of the stairs waiting for me to get home.
When I got home, she jumped off the rail and came to greet me.
This was before my walk.  She actually was hanging out with me the entire time I was outside.  
Yup, that's Grumpy's girl.....and today, it's all about her.

1 comment :

Sherri Jo said...

what a beautiful post Shelby... your home and property are gorgeous and so is that kitty <3

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