Sunday with the Grumpy’s 8.3.14

There has been quite a bit happening here in the last week.  Life is so busy sometimes you just don’t have the time to do everything you want to do!  Let me just share a little bit of what’s been happening.

We took Rudy to the vet last weekend for his check up and shots.  He was the last of our three kitties to go and when we picked him up to put him in the carrier to take him we told him that he had been so concerned about Chubby and Kitty when we took them out in the carrier that he was now going to find out why :)

While Grumpy had to hold him to keep him still at the vet office, he still gave him some loving comfort while we were waiting for the vet to get his business together :)

Later that weekend Rudy finally figured out how to get the treat ball to work.  I just love watching him.  ha ha.  How did I turn into such a cat lover?  It must have been Grumpy rubbing off because I never loved a cat the way I have since Grumpy came into my life.  Watch this video Grumpy took of Rudy working the treat ball.  I love it!

Tuesday came and Grumpy took a quick trip to Wilmington, NC to bring Chris back home.  He arrived at the airport, Chris picked him up, they went to Chris’ place and loaded a U-Haul, then promptly drove right straight home.  I shipped Grumpy off on Tuesday morning and by Wednesday morning he was back home already and I was able to hug my boy before I went to work that day.

That morning was the first time I hugged my boy since I said good bye to him last July.  Sure felt good to see him again!  He definitely looked a little different this year than he did last.  No more mohawk and this year he has glasses.  He’s still pretty darned handsome if I do say so myself.  :)  Yep.  I have proud Momma Syndrome and I’m not afraid to admit it!
We took Chris out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Friday night and on Saturday morning I said “see you later” to him as he went on the last leg of his trip to his temporary home back in Hermon.
Probably the hardest thing to see as a parent is your child driving away…now I know how my mom and dad probably feel every time I am leaving their home after a visit.  Heartbreaking…
After Chris left I decided I was going to get out of the house and go to the Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market.  I went by myself, Grumpy was not up to nor into going with me.  I did not have a bad time, it was probably good to have some alone me time.  

Tried out the Lucyjo Coffee and loved it.  I picked up an iced coffee and was pretty pleased to find out they used coffee ice cubes to cool the coffee rather than plain ice.  Definitely makes me want to go back and keep this product in my resources for future use!

I also found some cheese curd.  I haven’t had fresh cheese curd in a long time and this is probably the closest I will ever get to it again.  Back home we used to go to the factory itself the day they made the curd.  If you have never experienced curd fresh from the vat, you do not know what you are missing.  You don’t eat it cold, it just kills what cheese curd is.  This curd I took home after eating a few pieces and will microwave it just a little bit to bring the softness and squeek out.
I decided when I left the market that I needed to see if Shannon, my hairdresser was at the shop to get my haircut.  I’m really bad about haircuts.  I will let my hair get really long (well, long for me nowdays) and then get it cut drastically short.  ha ha.  I love Shannon, she has never given me a bad cut.  For that reason, I placate her when she wants to brush my hair out.  Something I never do, I scrunch and dry to bring what curl I have out if I can!  Yesterday she bobbed my hair, and when done cutting even though she put that curl cream in, she decided to take her brush to it.  ha ha.  She knows I don’t like it, but I really didn’t care yesterday.  I had just said goodbye to my son, I enoyed the brushing and massaging.  Here is her result.  Take a good look, it probably won’t look like this again.  ha ha
When I got home, Grumpy was out back mowing.  I was probably home a good hour before I finally went outside to see how far he had gotten.
He was probably more than a little half done and was out there another good hour.  While he was out mowing, I was in the living room, on my love seat, trying to edit some photos for future posts when Chubby decided his mom needed comforting…..even if it was a hot over 80 some degree day.
I love how he stretches his little white paw up to hug his momma.  :) 
We ended the day by heading over to visit our friends Jill & Brian for a few hours.  Not a bad ending but still a sad day for me.  The last message of my day on my phone though brightened me up.  

Chris and Justin had headed over to visit Momma & Poppa and Chris texted me a photo of my happy mom…getting to hug my Chris :)  Best site ever.

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