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I started this blog as a record for my children and potential grandchildren to have of me as a memory.  The only memories I have of my grandmother, Mae Iris Whitton, are in my head.  I don't have much written down and I really wish I did.  My grandmother was a woman who loved and accepted everyone and she also loved to bake and eat her sweets!  There isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of her and I can only hope my children love me enough to feel the same way about me.

I love to create fun, healthy, delicious recipes with the exception of an occasional indulgence, which you will see here on my blog.  I love to share these recipes with others on my blog and in person.  I share experiences in our home, Grumpy's opinion on my creations and my take on them also.  I'm always up for a challenge so if you contact me with one, I'm almost sure to take it on!

I'm a huge fan of the following:  Outdoor life and recreation (hiking and boating), Pinterest browsing (for items I want to make and DIY items I want Grumpy to make!), Wine, dining out, travel, cruising and much, much more! :)

I started this blog in December of 2007 and since then it has become a journey of my family life, loves, happiness, sadness and a lot of times all this revolves around food.  Thanks for visiting me and I hope you take away a little something in your heart for your own friends and family as well as a desire to treat them to some delicious recipes!

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