While browing for different types of pizzas one day, I came across one that I thought might really appeal to my Grumpy. Grumpy loves to get the meat lover’s pizza whenever we go out for pizza. Tastespotting led me to “For the Love of Food” blog. The Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza looked so good that I had to click!

I admit, I did not entirely read the recipe before I decided to make it. Then, last night, when I prepared to make the recipe, I found that the sauce was not a traditional pizza sauce, but one made with ketchup, mustard, tomato paste, and sugar. This kind of scared me because I thought, how can I put that on a pizza crust?? Well, DO IT! I told myself to follow the recipe and not let the uneasy feeling in my stomach take over. While I was preparing the recipe, Grumpy came out into the kitchen and saw the sauce mix on the counter. Of course, his first question was “what is that”. I decided to be totally honest (I’m not a good liar anyway!) and told him it was a ketchup/mustard mixture. He didn’t tell me I was nuts or anything (how suprising! lol). I voiced my concern, but said I was going to try it and if we didn’t like it I just wouldn’t do it again!

I want to mention also that the idea of the soy sauce soaking into the hamburger is an excellent idea! This really gave the meat some flavor. I didn’t have garlic powder (bad me, I keep forgetting to buy more!) so I used minced garlic. I also didn’t use gouda or american cheese. I didn’t think Grumpy would appreciate the gouda and I don’t care for american. I used a mixture of montery jack and colby cheese.

Let’s say the pizza was a hit! I ate one piece and the Grumpster ate 5 slices! There are two slices in the fridge waiting for Chris! I will most definitely make this again in the future. Thanks to For the Love of Food for this creation!