Dishy, this photo so reminds me of one of yours that I saw. You and I bake the same way -with our laptop on the counter so we can read the recipes!

I wanted to bake. I wanted to bake something really good. I also wanted to bake something new. Of course, I also had to have the ingredients because I wasn’t about to get in my car and drive 13 miles just to get ingredients!

I happened to have bananas and a whole gallon of milk. So I got to thinking, hmmm, how about a banana cream pie? So, I went online and started searching. The Recipe Girl not only has a blog, but she has a recipe site. So, I went to her site and did a search on banana cream pie. I found this! What a lucky find! So, I went to town (no, not literally) and started getting the ingredients together. Instead of a lot of words today (partly because I am out straight and have so much to get done!) I will show you my photos and you can find her recipe here. You should definitely try this, it was delicious. Thanks Lori!

The cake has cooled and I have sliced it (although not perfectly) to prep for the filling!

The cooled custard (1/2 of it) is spread on top of the bottom layer. This is an awesome custard. Of course, I love any homemade pudding/custard and vanilla is my favorite!

The bananas are layered on top of the custard, then you put the remaining custard on top of the bananas.
I was a bad girl here. I put all the pudding on the bottom and none on top. Hope you will forgive me Lori!

Place the top layer on your filling and make your chocolate glaze topping (which is absolutely to die for!). Spread it over the top and chill until your family is ready to eat (unless they are standing over top of you drooling while your making it, then eat immediately!)

Now, this was the dessert I had told Grumpy about when I made the Cheese Enchiladas as sort of a “peace offering”. There were absolutely no complaints about the dessert! If there had of been, he would have been wearing Boston Banana Cream Pie! Maybe. Don’t know I would want to really waste it that way! 😉