Earlier this week my friend Jessie of The Hungry Mouse posted about a Creamy Butternut Squash soup. I immediately knew I would be making it. It looked great! I loved that she roasted the squash, veggies and sage to give it that awesome flavor. I also happened to have a box of Progresso chicken broth that had been sent to me by one of my sponsors and I was wanting to put it to use. What better way than to make some creamy delicious soup? Besides, I felt I needed some pampering. I was in pain from my fall and wanted comfort.

The soup was delicious! Grumpy cleaned his bowl right up. The only thing that would have made the meal any better would have been if I had it in me to make one of Jessie’s rib recipes to go with. Jessie is great at making meals with meat (where I am not!) Grumpy would probably prefer to eat at her home every night! I was serving this with no meat and I heard “I would like some meat to go with that”. lol. I wanted to throw a hotdog at him and tell him to have at it. he he. But I didn’t. I know, I’m such a saint 😉 Instead I seared him some minute steaks with a little of the amazing taste seasoning to keep him quiet. After all, he did spend a good hour and half outside snow blowing the driveway….guess he deserved some meat with his soup.