Needing something quick and easy and something that would use ingredients I had on hand, I went back to Cooking Light to start my search. Now that I am back to work it is a bit harder to think about meals and what I am going to make from day to day. I need to be more like my friend Susie who has been a real meal planner lately!

As a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher I am able to be a member of the Tastemaker program. This week I received a free coupon for Nakano Rice Vinegar. The recipe I came across for dinner also called for rice vinegar – so I was in luck! I have used the rice vinegar before (in my General Tso’s Tofu recipe) and love this product. I am excited to try the flavored vinegars very soon!

I was I was able to buy a bit of shrimp at a good price so I stocked up my freezer on it so I would have a protein on hand that would be quick to thaw and quicker to cook! I bought the shrimp already deviened and shelled which saved me a lot of time.

After a quick search I found a recipe for Shrimp with Broccoli. This turned out to be a pretty decent, fast meal. At least there were no left overs….so I’m assuming Grumpy liked! 😉

For my next meal I am thinking I want to make Aggie’s Portabello and Brie Mushroom Burger. This looks so delicious! Brie is my favorite ever cheese….and if I didn’t have something else planned for tonight I’d be all over that burger! Make sure you check it out! yummy!

For the Shrimp with Broccoli recipe CLICK HERE.