Justin – who always thinks I am two years younger than I really am and me.

For some reason the boy has it in his head that mom is only 20 years older than he is. Thats ok, I can forgive him for thinking mom is younger. lol.
Last evening, the only one missing was my Christopher. He had to work but he did take me to lunch yesterday. We went to Jernabi Coffee and sat with our drinks and chatted. Seemed like the most perfect lunch to have had for my birthday. Just his company makes my heart happy!

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

I had seen this recipe for Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza in my most recent issue of Cooking Light magazine. I knew when I saw it I would be trying it. Mostly because I have been on a continual search for a pizza dough that Grumpy will say is good. He did say this was good, but he still didn’t say he had to have it again but he didn’t say he wouldn’t eat it again either…. However, that said, you all know that Grumpy is picky.

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

I made the crust recipes exactly as it states in the recipe. Followed the sauce recipe also, but I didn’t use chicken sausage. We are not big sausage on pizza eaters here, so I used turkey pepperoni. I think it was a great recipe and you can mix it up in so many different ways for toppings. If you are looking for the recipe you can CLICK HERE.

Grumpy pretty much enjoying that “ok” pizza.

All in all I had a really nice birthday this year. My co-worker got me some Jernabi Coffee Coins and a 3 lb container of fireballs. The fireballs she knew I had been looking for and the coffee coins, well pretty much anyone who visits my Facebook Fan page knows that I love Jernabi Coffee almost as much as I love Grumpy! I really love their pumpkin spice latte! mmmmm. I was well remembered yesterday and it really surprised me to have some people make the efforts they did to go out of their way to wish me a happy day! Thanks to all. You all helped make my day really special!