This morning I woke up early at 4, I trodded downstairs and let the cat out the door. I went to the kitchen and set the coffee to perk then headed to the bathroom to get ready for work! I turned on the light and what did I see but this note from Grumpy, written to ME! (Ok, I know the notes don’t rhyme, but humor me, ok?!)

I giggled and chuckled and thought “you are wrong” and proceeded to write him a note of my own!
I went on with my day expecting later to hear “Buzzy, your goofy, but you listen here! That toothbrush is BLUE I told you before so buy us new toothbrushes cause I don’t wanna use yours!”

Not a word was said the whole day long so later that evening I said “Grumpy, hun? Didn’t you see, that I responded to the note you left this morning for me?” Once again I was told that the toothbrush was BLUE and I told Grumpy I took photos to show all of YOU! His chuckle turned into a full blown out laugh as he said go ahead cause I’m right, you know that!

So I’m here this morning to present unto you – our two toothbrushes and give you a clue. The one on the Left is PURPLE you see. And the one that is Grumpys is Bright GREEN. Now, I’m suggesting you stick up for me cause I can’t be wrong on this one you see! 😉