Wow, another post, I’m on a roll…..that could not last!  lol.  I just happen to be doing some meal planning lately so I have a clue as to what we are eating for dinner the last few weeks (Thanks Susie!  You get all the credit for being my inspiration!).
 Since I love Cooking Light recipes I had decided that this week was going to be a Cooking Light week 🙂  Tonight’s side dish took a little bit of time to put together, but it was so worth it.  The asiago, bacon and chives just made this dish super flavorful.

Grumpy actually is the one who cooked our meat for this meal :o)  Whenever we have venison steaks I most always try to get him to cook it otherwise he is over my shoulder telling me what I’m doing wrong.  (rolling my eyes here).  Actually, he is always over my shoulder at dinner time sticking his nose into what I’m making, asking all kinds of questions….poking me in the side, aggravating me.  He tells me I wouldn’t know what to do if he didn’t aggravate me when I’m cooking ;o)

In any case, this was the perfect side for Grumpy’s Venison with Mushrooms & Onions.  If you want to try this side dish you can find the recipe by clicking HERE.