Let me start by saying….Cristine & Fallon are my kinda girls.  🙂  They are both breakfast girls and both oatmeal girls!  Whenever I want to know what to make for breakfast I can always go to their sites and find something yummy.  While I am not a BIG breakfast person (I really, really am not big on eggs and prefer tofu!), I am big on cooked cereal and muffins, scones, rolls…. 🙂
In one of the Jan/Feb issue of Cooking Light magazine I came across this recipe for Banana, Wheat Germ, and Oats recipe.  I am always thinking of ways to get the most nutrition in our food and lately Grumpy has been doing the same 🙂  I love that there is wheat germ in the recipe – packing this full of Vitamin E. While I offered to make Grumpy cereal this morning, he opted out, so I had to adjust the recipe for one.
I know it looks like a lot of sugar but it’s just the one tablespoon!  
The heat from the oatmeal melted the sugar and made it look like a lot more than it was!
Oatmeal for One (Power packed)
Recipe from Cooking Light adapted for 1 person
1 cup water
1/2 cup whole oats
1/4 cup toasted wheat germ
dash salt
1/2 banana
1 teaspoon unsalted butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar
Cook the 1st four ingredients until thickened.  Pour into bowl.  Top first with butter, second with sugar and last with bananas.  Enjoy!
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