I thought I would share this with you today as many people will be looking to BBQ over this weekend for Memorial Day gatherings.  While searching on allrecipes.com for chicken recipes I came across this recipe for Shoyu Chicken.  It looked too good to pass up!  This recipe has a mixture of sweet/heat that I LOVE!  It uses chicken thighs which I liked because it is less expensive than chicken breasts (however you can probably use chicken breast too – just make sure to pound them out to flatten some).

While your over there at allrecipes.com why don’t you check out my profile?  I have been a member of their community for years now and have done several reviews of recipes I have saved in my recipe box.  You just may find something you like!  I would have to say that my two go to sites for recipe searching is allrecipes.com and mysrecipes.com.  I love that people review the recipes and make comments about what they may have done to change it up some.  To see my profile on AR you can click HERE

The recipe for Shoyu Chicken, found by clicking HERE, says this is often served with rice.  Well, I am here to say it also goes really well with homemade potato salad and roasted asparagus! When we finished eating Grumpy’s words were “It was very edible.”  Guess that means its a keeper!