The first time I ever had a mojito was last August, when Grumpy and I went on our cruise. 
You know how when you have been on vacation, you usually need a vacation from your vacation to recuperate?  This year that probably won’t be the case for me because I actually stayed home during my vacation.  However, I wish I could go on another cruise this year.  It was the best time of my life.  Grumpy and I were very relaxed – despite the fact he had just been laid off from work and despite the fact that I had been recuperating from my neck surgery.  I actually think that vacation was a very healing time for the both of us in many ways.  While our problems didn’t go away – they seemed to be non existent while we were on our cruise.  Maybe that is why I long for another 10 days of pure Caribbean pampering.  I definitely think we deserve one!  It will probably be a few more years before we can go again though.  I guess I just need to be thankful we had the opportunity to go and all the events of last year didn’t stop us from going!
If only…….
In any case, we can still bring memories of that vacation back by enjoying some of the drinks we enjoyed on that cruise that helped relax us so much into our present.  Like the mojito.  Sitting on our front porch on a warm evening with one of these in hand.  Relaxing and talking.  While it isn’t a cruise ship, it can be peaceful and is the best way to relax for now.
adapted from
10 mint leaves
2 teaspoons confectioner sugar
Juice of one lime (amount will vary – if the lime is not juicy – I would use 2)
2 shot glasses rum (I go with Bacardi)
2-3 shot glasses of club soda
1 packet splenda*, optional and to taste (I like mine on the sweeter side)
Muddle the mint, confectioner sugar and a small amount of lime juice to release the flavor of the mint.  (Muddling is bruising the mint leaves).  I use my mortar & pestle to do this.
Place muddled mint mixture in tall glass, place remaining lime juice, rum, club soda and splenda in glass and stir to combine. Add enough ice to bring liquid to top of the glass.
*We went with splenda and confectioner sugar because they dissolve quickly.  You can use a simple syrup if you have that available.  I don’t recommend using granulated sugar as it does not dissolve as quickly and you could end up with way too sweet of a drink.