Nothing shows life starting to have some semblence of normalacy again than by me baking in the kitchen.  While life is by no means the way it has been, it seems to be taking on a new type of normal now that I have been in my new home for a whole month!  Our work lives are definitely different but not different in a bad way!

I have definitely enjoyed being closer to my Aunt Ann.  We had dinner at The Blue Spice the other evening after work (and it was very delicious!) and did a little shopping.  While I miss my kids more than words can say, I will admit that having the phone nearby where a text can be sent and received within seconds certainly helps!  Grumpy and I went to dinner at Dakota one evening where my cousin Gregg works and I got a good supply of hugs to hold me over until I see my kids (and they better watch out because Momma bear will be ready for lots of hugs!).  Our new neighbors are really great people and have two really cute kids that I will be tempted to spoil (watch out, they have a new next door grandma!  lol)

My friend Theresa came down for the weekend and today we are going to The Pride of NY Harvest Fest.  I am totally looking forward to the day and hopefully will have lots of photos and comments to share with you about what we saw and sampled!  I made the Apple-Walnut Coffeecake for us to enjoy with our coffee and tomorrow morning we will fill up with Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls!  Hopefully they will turn out so I can share them with you too!  🙂  Life is good!