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What do you do when you have a snow day?  This morning I was watching The Ellen Show.  Grumpy and I both LOVE her show.  I’ve never seen him laugh harder than he did when she did her halloween episode and was scaring Amy to death in the haunted house!  Anyhow, she was talking about people with Mega Memory and how she was watching 60 Minutes where they talked to people with this Mega Memory.  Boy, do I ever wish I had mega memory (sometimes!).  I try to remember snow days when I was a kid and it is near impossible.  I remember playing in the snow though!  I also remember hot chocolate and marshallows when coming in from playing in the snow.  I remember better my kids playing in the snow and coming in for hot chocolate afterwards!

This morning, while waiting to find out if our office was opening late or closing, I was browsing Facebook.  I happen to be a “fan” of Dove Chocolate (no surprise, right?) and they posted this drink on their page with the comment “when the snow falls you’ll be happy to have this recipe on hand”.  I immediately “liked” that post and shared it with all my FB friends.  I also vowed, that since I was snowed in I was going to treat myself to this lucious looking beverage this afternoon.

This boozy drink has 3 of my very favorite ingredients.  Coffee, chocolate, and booze (and yes, in that order!)  Now, I am by no means a big boozer, but you might think so with the different beverages I made to help kill some of the heat last summer.  Now, in the snowy weather, I’m warming myself up with some….lol.  Seriously, I don’t do it everyday!

Dove recipe called for cognac, which I don’t have on hand and never do.  I also didn’t have the Dove chocolate I just bought at home – it is setting in my desk drawer at work.  So, I am here to let you know that while I am certain Dove chocolate is awesome in this drink – so are Hershey Bliss Chocolates.

Shelby’s Boozy Hot Chocolate Warm-up
Author: Grumpy’s Honeybunch
  • adapted from Dove Chocolate – Cafe Milano
  • 1 hot cup of your favorite coffee blend
  • 1 shot glass Baileys Irish Cream
  • 5 Hershey’s Bliss Chocolates
  • Whipped Cream
  1. Brew coffee, pour 1 cup hot coffee in glass measuring cup.  Place 4 hershey bliss chocolates in hot beverage and stir to melt.  Pour in 1 shot glass (1 oz) Baileys Irish Cream liquor.  Pour into pretty mug (mine is Princess House and I LOVE it!).  Cover with whipped cream and chocolate shavings from 5th chocolate piece.  Enjoy!
  2. **Jernabi Coffee has since changed owners and I the information with the link is no longer relevant. I currently use Trader Joe’s coffee and grind it right at home!