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Its that time of year again.  It may only be spring, but the warm temps are reminding me of last summer and  Grumpy and my adventures of making Peach Mojitos, Mojitos, and having Sex on the Beach.  ;o)  I look forward to trying out some of my brothers cocktail recipes this summer – if I can get him to give them up to me!

Those of you on my Facebook page know that we love the Goose in this household.  It is one of those vodkas that when you have it, you never want anything BUT it.  I also am not a super sweet drink person – while I like a little sweet, too much makes me feel ill.  With this in mind, I made this drink and to celebrate the coming season I called it “Summer’s in the Air”.  The Mango Pineapple Juice is not sweet as you may think – and the addition of blood orange tartens it up some more….not to mention gives it a pretty red color!  So, ring in the coming season with this drink….and enjoy!

Summer’s in the Air
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1-1/2 shot Grey Goose Vodka (or your favorite brand)
1/2 cup Pineapple Mango Juice (Tropicana makes this – I found it in the Diary section)
1 Blood Orange, cut in half

Fill beverage glass with ice, pour in Vodka, then Pineapple Mango juice.  Squeeze half of blood orange into glass and watch the pretty colors combine.  🙂  Garnish, stir, and enjoy!