I have been cooking.  I have even been taking photos.  Its having the time to write about them lately that I don’t seem to have.

I’m at my very best in the early morning.  On a daily (almost) basis I am up by 4 am and at the gym an hour later to work out for a good 50-70 minutes – depending on the day, how much time I have and what I need to accomplish before I leave for work in the morning.  So, no wonder I’m in bed and sleeping by 8 pm, right?  Seriously.  That is my life.  Sleep, work out, eat, work, sleep.  Its a vicious, vicious cycle.  I thought life was supposed to slow down after the kids were gone?

Well, when its not slow and you need something that will be tasty, quick, easy, and will satisfy the Grumpy with you, try this quick and easy crispy shrimp.  I very very rarely “fry” food, but this was fried in as little oil as possible in my non-stick pan.  It was also a little different as in the fact that we never eat breaded seafood of any type unless we eat out and then its usually Grumpy who gets it breaded.  I just knew that the evening I made this I was in no mood to hear a complaint about eating the “same thing” again.  It was also pretty easy to clean up!  I made this long enough ago that I’m not even sure I remember what I made to go with this shrimp – especially since I didn’t photograph anything but the shrimp!  In any case, if you feel like something different and you don’t want a messy clean up and you want it quick and tasty, here is your go to.  Feel free to sauce it up anyway you want.   We just dipped ours in cocktail sauce (that much I do remember) but you could buffalo it up, General Tso’s it up, or even Sesame it up 🙂  Enjoy!

Crispy Shrimp

printable recipe

1 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/2 cup flour
salt and pepper
1 teaspoon old bay seasoning
small amount of oil for frying

Rinse and pat shrimp dry (it will still be “wet” enough for the coating to stick – promise).  Place flour and desired amount of seasonings in ziploc gallon size bag.  Seal and shake to mix seasonings.  Add shrimp, seal bag, and toss to coat.   Remove shrimp from bag and place on platter, shaking excess flour mixture from shrimp.

Heat saucepan over medium heat with a small amount of oil.  When hot, place shrimp in pan.  To test oil to see if it is hot, flick a little bit of flour into the oil.  If it sizzles, it is ready.  Cook about 3 minutes then turn shrimp over and cook another 3 minutes more, or until shrimp looks “pink”.  Serve with your favorite sauces.